Build the perfect PC: XPC SB75S

PC Magazine, the leading authority on consumer computers, hardware and software, has laid down their recommendations for the perfect PC — a XPC SB75S based performance beast. As PC Magazine noticed “you don’t have to give up computing power when you choose a small alternative like our compact PC ... Shuttle’s XPC.”

Designed for power-hungry user’s, the SB75S features Intel® 875P (Canterwood) performance and front-line overclocking potential. With adjustable FSB, voltage core, vdimm and ram timing, the SB75S lifts your game and your score.
PC Magazine’s “Perfect System” features; Shuttle SB75S barebone (including FB75 motherboard, S-case, Silent X 250W PSU, ICE heat-pipe module), Intel Pentium®4 3GHz CPU, ATI Radeon 9800, Seagate Barracuda (160GB), Creative Labs Audigy 2, Plextor Plexwriter Premium, (2) 256MB Kingston DDR400 and Microsoft Windows XP.

A lot of Hardware? Yes “but the 250W power supply has no trouble providing enough juice for it, and the built-in cooling system doesn’t let it overheat,” amazed Jason Cross, PC Magazine reviewer.

The XPC SB75S is available for a limited time only in the US. Customers in other countries wishing to experience the power of this machine should consider the XPC SB75G2v2 which offers the same power, performance enclosed in Shuttle’s classically-styled G2 case.

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