Shuttle will showcase a series of new digital signage players and upgrading Education Software solution during Computex 2014

Shuttle, an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of small form factor (SFF) PC solutions and mobile internet devices, announced today it will highlight its latest innovations during Computex 2014. Shuttle will showcase its high-performance XPCs, digital signage players, its EDUPAL education solution, as well as its ODM designs at their head office on June 2-7, 2014.
In 2010, the consumer PC manufacturer launched its “Application PC for Business” platform and has seen great success across vertical markets. Rooted in 30 years of SFF research and design, the company has demonstrated its ability to provide reliable products that can be integrated with a variety of software to meet the needs of diverse industries.

New from Shuttle, COMPUTEX Taipei 2014,
Mini-Computer Hardware for Vertical
ARM-based signage hardware-DSA2LS and DSA2LV
In response to growing market demands for cost-effective media players, Shuttle designed an ARM-based player and motherboard solution. The series includes the DSA2LS signage player and DSA2LV motherboard both made to deliver quality media with a Freescale i.MX6DL 1Ghx dual-core processor and Full-HD 1080p playback capability.
Windows based signage players: Entry-level to high-performance
Shuttle has a number of signage players, including players made to drive video walls with 4K imaging, support fanless Intel® Bay Trail technology and high-performance Intel® Haswell/Haswell Refresh technology, and players made to connect with multiple peripherals. Whether for entry-level or high-performance applications, Shuttle has built in as much flexibility and performance into each product as possible to support the latest digital signage innovations in each segment.

EDUPAL Smart School Solution
EDUPAL is the most holistic solution in today’s education market which is an industry-leading Android-based educational solution designed with innovative and user-friendly UI with proven success to enhance the learning process in school systems. 

For Classroom use

EDUPAL® Classroom is dedicated to teachers and students in their daily classroom process. It includes two classroom management interfaces, “PC to Pad” or “Pad to Pad”, allowing teachers to effectively manage classrooms while better understanding a student’s learning process in class. 
For School management
EDUPAL® School is for school administrators and is designed to create a modern learning environment that syncs teachers, students, and parents on an easy-to-manage digital platform. It includes EDUPAL® Classroom management products with options for E-Library and Homework expansion packs to enhance students’ reading and out-of-class learning.
For government and large scale education institutions
EDUPAL® Cloud integrates is a complete package which includes EDUPAL® School and EDUPAL® Classroom products and is made to help governments and educational institutions manage multiple school districts. EDUPAL® Cloud helps build up smart school education systems that sync the classroom, the school, and the department of education together on a digital cloud.
Digital Library in School
EDUPAL® Library features a strong content management backend system which supports e-reader tool and helps publishers and school administrators build a content protected platform to manage digital content. For end-users like teachers and students, EDUPAL® Library provides a resource that is easily accessible from mobile devices anywhere.

Shuttle ODM 2-in-1 and X86/ARM-based tablet
Shuttle’s ODM business has been focusing on the LOEM market sector since 2010, while gradually gaining worldwide LOEM customers’ recognition for its innovative ecosystem. Shuttle has improved its supply-chain and generated new SPA (Shuttle Standard PCBA) form factor technology, providing its customers a more competitive ODM service. Besides the ARM-based tablets and Netbooks, this COMPUTEX Shuttle is going to introduce its latest product line-up which includes X86-based Android tablet, AIO and Linux tablet; 2-in-1 tablets are X86-based including Window8/8.1, Android operating system made with sleek IDs and competitive cost structure.

O компании Shuttle

Компания Shuttle Inc. (код на фондовом рынке: 2405) занимается интеграцией программного и аппаратного обеспечения, а также IoT для решения коммерческих потребностей вертикального рынка. Компания производит мини-ПК, мультимедийные проигрыватели, решения digital signage, киоски, системы распознавания лиц и услуги кастомизации IoT под индивидуальный проект. Благодаря постоянным исследованиям новых технологий, используя опыт пользователей в качестве приоритета, Shuttle постоянно предлагает разнообразные решения, помогающие клиентам создавать больше возможностей для бизнеса.

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