Shuttle PC Ranked Close to “Absolutely Perfect” by CPU Magazine for Cramming 12 CPU Threads into an SFF Box

City of Industry, CA – AUGUST 23, 2010 – Shuttle, the industry leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance small form factor (SFF) PC solutions and creator of the XPC, received a 4 out of 5 award, with a ranking of close to “Absolutely Perfect” by CPU Magazine, for its high-end barebone PC, the Shuttle® SX58J3.

“Hands down, the Shuttle J3 is the best PC that money can buy,” said Nicolas Villalobos, Director at Shuttle Computer, North America. “The J3 allows you to experience a breathtaking 12 threads of pure performance alongside a single GTX 480 card, giving you extreme video and CPU performance – all in one small box.”

The Shuttle J3 for Gaming
Created for gamers and enthusiasts requiring the highest performance in the smallest size, the Shuttle J3 “gaming” edition (model no. J3 5800G) supports high to extreme performance configurations up to the Intel® Core™ i7-980X Extreme Edition codenamed “Gulftown” – the world’s fastest processor with six-cores and twelve CPU threads – and the NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 480 – the world’s fastest graphics card. Configured to the max, the top-of-the-line J3 supports 16GB of memory (DDR3), a 2TB hard drive, and a Blu-ray burner. Performance tuning, straight from the manufacturer, is also an option.

The Shuttle J3 for Professionals
Rock-solid with unmatched power, performance, and style, the Shuttle J3 “professional” edition (model no. J3 5800P) is architected for professional environments. It features the Intel® Core™ i7-975 Extreme Edition, one of the world’s fastest processors, and can be configured with 8GB of memory (supports up to 16GB), a 2TB hard drive, and a Blu-ray burner, but the professional powerhouse adds in workstation-grade NVIDIA® Quadro® FX or ATI FirePro™ 2D and 3D graphics cards to bring the highest performance in the smallest size to professionals. Performance tuning is also available for those looking to get the most out of their system.

Computer Power User (CPU) Magazine, a leading monthly print publication for gamers and enthusiasts, lab-tested the Shuttle J3 with a 3.33GHz Intel® Core™ i7-980X, 4GB Mushkin Blackline DDR3, Sparkle® GeForce® GTX 470, Mushkin Callisto 60GB SSD, and Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, and awarded it a 4 out of 5, or close to “Absolutely Perfect” for cramming 12 CPU threads into an SFF box.

“In every other way, the SX58J3 [barebone version of J3] met or surpassed our expectations,” writes William Van Winkle, Editor at CPU Magazine. “Shuttle’s SX58J3 takes the tried-and-true XPC theme and makes it fresh with an update to Intel’s X58 chipset, including support for the Core i7-980X…cramming 12 CPU threads into an SFF box can be a big deal.”

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