PC Upgrade: 'You don't have to compromise'

PC Upgrade, a publication that encourages users to expand their PC consciousness through hands on tutorials and advice, has reviewed Shuttle’s XPC SB75G2 and found it a great replacement for that fat, old and ugly beige tower sitting under your desk.

“One manufacturer that’s been leading the way is Shuttle, with its small form-factor chassis,” said PC Upgrade. “The company has demonstrated that PCs don’t have to be big, ugly boxes that make more noise than a wind turbine.”

The XPC SB75G2, which offers plenty of computing potential in one-third the space of the average ATX tower, supports 800MHz FSB Intel Pentium 4 processors cooled by Shuttle’s innovative Silent X technologies — ICE heat pipe, Silent X 250W PSU and intelligently engineered airflow mechanics.

“What’s perhaps most impressive is that the motherboard has not only a PCI expansion slot, but also an AGP slot for a full-size graphics card,” the publication enthused. “If you’re fed up with having a huge beige tower PC ... then you need the Shuttle XPC SB75G2. And for once, you don’t have to compromise power for size.”

Shuttle’s XPC product line is the world’s best-known, best selling small form factor computer brand. In 2003, the sold 550,000 XPC’s to customers in over 80 countries. Add the XPC to your catalog and watch your sales grow!

About Shuttle

Shuttle Inc. (TAIEX 2405), первый в мире производитель баребон-компьютера малого форм фактора, основан в 1983 г. на Тайване. Линия продукции охватывает мини-ПК, AIO, ноутбуки, планшеты для дома и управления бизнес-решениями: Digital Signage, POS, киоски/терминалы, корпоративные решения и др. А также IOT решения, умный дом, программно-аппаратный комплекс - Биометрическая система распознавания лица, ПО решение HOCA для здравоохранения и др.

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