Overclocker Café recommends the XPC SB81P

Overclocker Café, “A hardware site for the rest of us,” has come out with glowing support for Shuttle’s latest release, the XPC SB81P. Whilst noting the expectations as market leader, Overclocker Café is thoroughly impressed with Shuttle’s new chassis design and near-perfect integration of this cool new SFF computer.

“Shuttle has always been on the leading edge of SFF PC's and once again they lead the way with their XPC SB81P,” cooed reviewer Brian Tiller. “They've done an excellent job with the form and function of the XPC SB81P...”
The XPC SB81P is the first SFF computer to support Intel’s new Prescott-core Pentium 4 (Socket 775) CPUs. Further, with an integrated x16 PCI Express graphics slot, space for three Serial ATA (RAID 0,1 capable) drives and best-of-class Silent X 350W power supply, this small form factor computer delivers exception performance and expandability.

“All in all, I'd have to give Shuttle a thumbs up,” concluded Tiller. “Being at the forefront of the market is never easy, but … they have done a fine job of making the Shuttle XPC SB81P a well-designed SFF PC.”

About Shuttle

Shuttle Inc. (TAIEX 2405), первый в мире производитель баребон-компьютера малого форм фактора, основан в 1983 г. на Тайване. Линия продукции охватывает мини-ПК, AIO, ноутбуки, планшеты для дома и управления бизнес-решениями: Digital Signage, POS, киоски/терминалы, корпоративные решения и др. А также IOT решения, умный дом, программно-аппаратный комплекс - Биометрическая система распознавания лица, ПО решение HOCA для здравоохранения и др.

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