PC MAG names Shuttle ‘SFF manufacturer of the year’

PC MAG Middle East, a popular IT and consumer electronics magazine, has named Shuttle as the best small form factor (SFF) designer and manufacturer for 2004. Further, PC MAG picked the XPC RefleXion (XPC SB61G2 with bundled ReflictiX mirrored front panel, card reader and optical drive) as their favorite product for the year.

“Small form factor PCs are becoming increasingly popular as consumers realize the benefits they can glean from a smaller PC that not only performs very well, but looks great,” informs PC MAG. “The Small Form Factor barebone champion though, and undisputed at that, is Shuttle.”
In 2004, Shuttle has defined and redefined the SFF market with the introduction of breakthrough products, including the XPC Zen—the industry’s first truly silent SFF capable of handling 3.4GHz Pentium® 4 processors.

“Shuttle has been such a dominant player in this product category that many consumers don’t know the products as Small Form Factor … but rather as Shuttle PCs,” continued PC MAG. “Shuttle can most likely be credited with mastering the small form factor concept and … driving advances in technology.”

“The XPC [SB61G2 with PC12, PF60 and CR20] is a cool looking cube shaped barebones system and it’s been built with a full aluminum exterior to make it as light as possible. Shuttle is passionate about the XPC, and their desire and enthusiasm shines through … this XPC is a must.”

About Shuttle

Shuttle Inc. (TAIEX 2405), первый в мире производитель баребон-компьютера малого форм фактора, основан в 1983 г. на Тайване. Линия продукции охватывает мини-ПК, AIO, ноутбуки, планшеты для дома и управления бизнес-решениями: Digital Signage, POS, киоски/терминалы, корпоративные решения и др. А также IOT решения, умный дом, программно-аппаратный комплекс - Биометрическая система распознавания лица, ПО решение HOCA для здравоохранения и др.

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